This glossary is not Universal and does not pretend to be so. It explains terms used in the project and publication. 


Artists or other creative professionals working on their projects temporarily staying away from their everyday surroundings by participating in artist-in- residence programs.

Art Residency

An art residency provides a time-specific opportunity for artistic work, situated away from the artist’s everyday surroundings. The residency can provide
a working space, accommodation, materials and opportunities for exhibiting or performing the work created during the residency.

Well-being Residency

An art residency that takes place in a social or health care institution. The focus of the artistic work is on the community and the artistic process rather than an art work, although a piece of
art or a performance can be a result of a well-
being residency. The residency is planned in tight collaboration between the institution, the artist and the art organisation.

Art Organisation

An organisation that facilitates well-being residencies. The organisation is responsible for ensuring the financing (which can be partly or fully provided by the social and health care institution) of the residency, taking care of administration, as well as training and facilitating communication between the artist and social and health care institution.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is an established and regulated mental health profession that uses the creative process
of art making in psychotherapeutic intervention
to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of people at all ages.

Art Educator

A professional trained in the field of arts education, working with the aim of bringing about change through teaching and/or engaging with the residents in participatory art activities. The arts educator
can be seen as a professional facilitator of others’ artistic processes (L. Huhtinen-Hildén 2014)


A person living in or temporarily visiting a social- or health care institution.

Social- and Health Care Institutions

An institution that provides social or health care services. For example: youth center, orphanage, a prison, a hospital, elderly care home. A well-being residency can be conducted in such an institution as
a whole or focusing on one or several units within the institution.