In this network we investigate the practices of well-being residencies. The network has been build on a two year project that is now finished. Our aim is to continue and grow the network and spread the methodology for a well-being residency practice. This is done in collaboration with artists, art organisations and social and health care professionals, locally and internationally. You are welcome to join us! 

Goals with the network

​​​​​​We want to continue building a sustaining and international well-being residency network, through: 
  • Sharing best practices of well-being residencies in international and cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Encourage new organizers to start artist residencies in the social and health care sectors
  • Spread our methodology for a well-being residency practice
  • Encouraging international collaboration and exchange of artists and art professionals working in social- and health care settings
  • Inspire new residency actors by reducing the obstacles in starting and continuing well-being residency practices
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