Latvia, Riga

Rigas Cirks

In December 2016, the Ministry of Culture recognized the importance of continuing and developing circus arts in Latvia and the need for changes to enable further functioning of the Riga Circus as it must become a multifunctional and contemporary venue for performances of circus arts, music, dance and other interdisciplinary shows. Furthermore, circus arts education and residencies programmes should be developed.

It was also announced that it was necessary to renovate the historic building of the Rigas Circus at Merķeļa iela 4 and to establish such a model of circus operation which would fully use the potential of the building as regards circus and other performing arts during the renovation works.


The festival combines academic music with a rock festival ambiance in a bucolic environment. Everyone can enjoy and discover musical program in a laid-back setting without the posh ambience which is normally typical for academic music events. Music is joined by theatre, contemporary circus, dance, performance and installation art.

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          Māra Pāvula