Online Conference
Well-being Residencies: methodology and experience

17th - 21th of August 2020 

Through a number of conferences, study visits, think tanks and residency try-outs, this international project culminates in a methodology that helps the participants navigate the well-being residency process, captured in a handbook publication. The publication was introduced as a part of a 5-day conference, where speakers, representing all organizations, shared their experiences leading the residencies. The content will be available via YouTube.

17 August, 9.00 –10.30 (CET) 10.00 – 11.30 (EEST Time) (conducted in English)
Where could this bring us? 

After 2 years of meetings, think tanks, conferences and pilot well-being residencies the network project has come to an end. The publication of these experiences will be published at the end of the conference. What were the challenges and the hopes for the future for this project? Project consultant and editor of the publication Dr. Katherine Taylor (UK) will share her look at the role of socially engaged art and the possible outcomes of this project.
Participants in the session: Dr. Katherine Taylor the fellows of the Well-being Residency Network project 
Organizer: Project group of Well-being Residency Network

Tuesday, 18 August, 9.00–10.30 (CET) 10.00–11.30 (EEST Time) (conducted in English)
Well-being residency for adults with general learning disabilities 
The residency try-out was conducted in Niittyvilla, a small unit for adults with general learning disabilities. During this residency the artists, customers and staff created several artworks together, using mostly recycled materials. All the works examined the theme "About me". The purpose was to create individual encounters between customers, staff and artists, and to bring the customers' unique personas to the limelight. The residency culminated in an outdoor exhibition that was presented to the public during Ranua Art Night. 
Participants in the session: Laura Rekilä and Milka Jafri, project managers. Hanna-Leena Metsävainio and Eeva-Leena Väätäjä, artists. A greeting from Niittyvilla staff will follow.
Organizer: Piste Kollektiivi (Art Collective Piste), Rovaniemi, Finland

Tuesday, 18 August, 13.00–14.30 (CET) 14.00–15.30 (EEST Time) (conducted in English)
Well-being residency at SOS Children's Village
The Children’s Village Graši is a long-term social care and social rehabilitation institution that provides care close to the family environment for children and adolescents from socially disadvantaged families and without parental care. The try-out of the well-being residency will take place there from July 29 to August 18, 2020.
More information will follow in August.
Participants in the session: Odrija Fišere, project manager. Sandra Stade, director of the Children's Village of Graši. Artist, Ingrīda Pičukāne.
Organizer: Rīgas cirks, Riga, Latvia

Wednesday, 19 August, 9.00–10.30 (CET) 10.00–11.30 (EEST Time) (conducted in English)
Well-being residency with inmates at Juvenile Detention Centre
During two weeks, four inmates at The Juvenile Detention Centre, participated in daily workshops with the two artists Helena Bergman and Sebastian Björkman. The interns were challenged with tasks and to work in different techniques and materials – from snow sculpturing to painting and working with clay. The goal was to create a space for creativity. A moment when the boys had an opportunity to discover something new about themselves in a positive spirit.
Participants in the session: Sebastian Björkman and Helena Bergman, artists. Hanna Isaksson, project manager. Anders Lantto, program leader at the Juvenile Detention Centre
Organizer: Resurscentrum för konst (ArtNorth), Luleå, Sweden

Thursday, 20 August, 9.00–10.30 (CET) 10.00–11.30 (EEST Time) (conducted in English)
Well-being residency with elderly people in elderly home and isolated farmsteads
As a part of creation process of visual theatre performance ASK THE BREAD the company I Patom Theater spent 1 month in Sansusī Wellbeing Residency Program where  they collaborated with Aknīste elderly people's home, collecting songs and interviewing its inhabitants and people from surrounding houses about their daily life in isolated farmsteads. They focused on the physicality of rural lifestyle, notion, and meaning of work and the role of one’s body in the process of work. 
Participants in the session: Anda Lāce, residency curator. Vita Malahova and Aude Lorrilard, artists (I Patom Theater)
Organizer: Sansusī, Aknīste, Latvia

Friday, 21 August, 9.00–10.30 (CET) 10.00–11.30 (EEST Time) (conducted in Russian)
Well-being residency by remote format with Partala Nursing house for elderly and disabled
The main idea of the residency – creation of series of portraits of clients from Partala Nursing House for elderly and disabled people. During 8 weeks the artist was building a bridge between Moscow and Partala Nursing House by using video, photo, storytelling content and online sessions on Internet in order to open people and to make them heroes of art story.
Participants in the session: Ekaterina Kulieva, project manager. Elena Kurilenko, social worker and event manager. Ekaterina Zhilina, artist. Viktor Lebedev, psychiatrist. 
Organizer: Social and Cultural Youth Center, Sortavala, Russia

21 August, 13.00–14.30 (CET) 14.00–15.30 (EEST Time) (conducted in English)
CLOSURE SESSION - Introduction and presentation of Well-being Residency Network publication
One of the project founders Māra Pāvula, Rīgas cirks (LV) will summarize the week and moderate a discussion on future possibilities of socially engaged art pracrtices.
Organizer: The fellows of the Well-being residency Network