• Sharing best practices of well-being residencies in international and cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Developing the existing practices together in the well-being residency network
  • Starting new artist residencies in the social and health care sectors in all the partner countries
  • Creating a common methodology for a well-being residency practice


  • Think tanks and seminars are organised in each partner country in order to develop individualised tool-sets for well-being residencies
  • Residency try-outs are carried out in each partner country to test, adjust and perfect the toolsets and to assess the methodology
  • A publication including the methodology will be released at the end of the project


  • Encouraging international collaboration and exchange of artists and art professionals working in social- and health care settings
  • Building and sustaining an international well-being residency network
  • Creating new residency actors by reducing the obstacles in starting and continuing well-being residency practices