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Well-being Residencies: methodology and experience

17 th –21 th of August, 2020
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Through a number of conferences, study visits, think tanks and residency try-outs, this international project culminates in a methodology that helps the participants navigate the well-being residency process, captured in a handbook publication. The publication will be introduced as a part of a 5-day conference, where speakers, representing all organizations, will share their experiences leading the residencies. The content will be available via Zoom and Facebook and later via YouTube.

17 August, 9.00 –10.30 (CET) 10.00 – 11.30 (EEST Time) 
Introduction and presentation of Well-being Residency Network publication

(conducted in English)

18 August, 9.00 –10.30 (CET) 10.00 –11.30 (EEST Time)
Well-being residency for adults with general learning disabilities 
Organizer: Piste Kollektiivi (Monitaideyhdistys Piste ry), Rovaniemi, Finland
(conducted in English)

18 August 13.00 – 14.30 (CET) 14.00 – 15.30 (EEST Time)
Well-being residency at SOS Children's Village
Organizer: Rīgas Cirks, Riga, Latvia
(conducted in English)

19 August, 9.00–10.30 (CET) 10.00–11.30 (EEST Time)
Well-being residency with interns at Juvenile Detention Centre
Organizer: Resurscentrum för konst (ArtNorth), Luleå, Sweden
(conducted in English)

20 August, 9.00–10.30 (CET) 10.00–11.30 (EEST Time)
Well-being residency with elderly people in elderly home and isolated farmsteads
Organizer: Sansusī, Aknīste, Latvia
(conducted in English)

21 August, 9.00–10.30 (CET) 10.00–11.30 (EEST Time) 
Well-being residency by remote format with Nursing house for elderly and disabled
Organizer: Sortavala Social and Cultural Youth Center, Sortavala, Russia
(conducted in Russian)

21 August, 13.00–14.30 (CET) 14.00–15.30 (EEST Time) 
Summary and what we do next

(conducted in English)

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